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Monday, May 27, 2013

I'm Back...Sort Of

Wow...that was a much longer break than I had planned!
 Knee surgery combined with the height of allergy season for me (I'm severely allergic to pecan pollen) really knocked me for a loop. Dealing with both of those issues got me way behind on the things I needed to do around the house, which then caused me to get WAY frustrated with both the surgery and my allergies.  Let's just say I've been a mess and leave it at that.  We all have times like that right? 

Here's a bit of what's been going on while I've been cooped up inside.
 The garden is growing like crazy!  Since I can't be outside right now (absolute torture), my hubby has been heading up the harvest.  So far we have been blessed with spinach, onions, snow peas, kohlrabi, and cauliflower from our garden.

I tried my hand at making quiche. It was fun to use our spinach, onions and eggs to create this.  I was pleasantly surprised that all the family loved it.
Nature study is in full force around here.  I guess one cool thing about homeschooling is having a microscope around to study the things that are found.  Since I can't go outside, the kids bring in their finds and we study them together. We were studying fern moss this day. 
These blasted tires finally got put in their permanent spot.  I'll share the details with you on Wednesday.
And we made a lovely mess one day, because Lulu wanted to go outside and I couldn't go.  What better way to distract a four year old than to pop popcorn without a lid?  We called it popcorn catch, because I gave her a little strainer and told her to see if she could catch more popcorn than her sister.  Once we were done, we gathered up the popcorn and watched a movie.  

That's a brief view of what's been going on here.  This is probably the hardest time of year for me, because when things are really happening in the garden, I am hiding indoors to try to stay well.  I have to depend on my family to keep up the garden and do all the projects that need to be done.  I won't be able to get back out there the way I really want to until the weather gets good and hot, probably a few more weeks. Until then, I'll try to stay positive and share what's going on here on our acre.

Blessings to you and yours today,


  1. Lulu looks like she's having a blast!! We use our tires to grow our potatoes...sorry to hear you are having so much trouble with your allergies...hopefully, the weather will heat up real soon and you will feel better <3

    1. Hopefully soon! I think it was a bad idea to have surgery at the height of allergy season for me. :(

  2. Ugh to allergies, but double ugh while recovering from knee surgery. Hope you are feeling better soon! Love the popcorn popping idea! :)

    1. Thank you. My knee is feeling much better. Now I just need to get over the allergies :)


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